"Emphasising on Value of Bondhutava - Friendship


The Name

aaponjan-sangh-1Few days passed by but invariably out discussions centered around forming an organization or club. In one of our pool-in family dinners one of us asked what should be the name of the organization. There was unanimity that the name should have a Bengali touch.

aaponjan-sangh-2Brototi Boudi said: “Why not call it Aaponjon Sangh” (An Association of We people).

“Nice name,” BM Da said throwing a glance towards his wife Brototi through cornor of his eyes. There was sense of appreciation in his eyes.

Everyone liked this name. There was almost an unanimity that our yet-to-be formed organization should be called Aaponjon Sangha.

Debjani Banerjee quickly produced two logos to enable us to choose one.

Just to judge this name’s acceptability among non-Bengalis I asked my friends in office about the name – Aaponjon Sangha.

Shalabh Saxena, in-charge of Sports Desk, looked at me for few seconds and then tried to pronounce it stressing on O’s than A’s. “In fact it is a nice name. Non-Bongs would like this,” he said pronouncing Aaponjon stressing again on O’s.

Our Regular Events

durga pujaDurga Puja

saraswati pujaSaraswati Puja

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