"Emphasising on Value of Bondhutava - Friendship


The Story

Sen da looked blankly towards sky for a few minutes and then turned towards us and said life is so boring. We meet every day, gossip for few hours and then go home. What are we doing?, he said craning his neck trying to meet our eyes

We were amazed at Sen Da’s sudden wisdom. Though Sen Da is known for his spark of brilliance, he is not expected to speak all of a sudden like a Professor of Philosophy. We four – S.K. Sen, Sajal Ranjan Chakroborty, B.M. Chakroborty and I, Biswajeet Banerjee, are thick friends. Our families meet almost regularly in kitty parties or at someone’s birthday or marriage anniversary. If nothing is there in the itinerary, we ensure pool-in dinners so that we can have a blast.

“We should form an organization that could do some social service. We Bongs always talk about Durga Puja and cannot see beyond that,” he said as he took a long sip of tea at Ramu’s Tea Stall.

We knew, for a change, Sen da was talking sense.

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