"Emphasising on Value of Bondhutava - Friendship


The Progress

The idea was discussed during one of the family meetings. There was a silence for few minutes when I jocularly said as how Sen Da had proposed setting up a social organization in the afternoon. The boudis (as Bhabhis are called in Bangla) looked at each other throwing meaningful glances.

Shikha boudi broke the ice. “Ya, it seems a good idea. We should have our own organization and carry on different activities,” she said waiving her hands in the air.

“Like you mean picnic,” Mini, my wife asked trying to fathom seriousness of the proposal.

Brototi Boudi joined the conversation: “Yes, why not. Even we can organize Poila Boishakh (the first day of Baisakh celebrated in Eastern part of the country as New Year) or Pochise Boisakh (Rabindranath Tagore’s birthday).

The discussion was slowly warming up. Being father of 11 year old son I said the organization should also teach Bangla language during summer. Sajal Da was entrusted with this job and he dutifully declined the offer thus giving us an opportunity to pull his leg about his knowledge (or lack of it) about vernacular Bengali language.

Our Regular Events

durga pujaDurga Puja

saraswati pujaSaraswati Puja

poila boishakhPoila Boishakh

blood donationBlood Donation Camp