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A Day with Widows of Vrindavan

a day with widows of vrindavan

When Madan Jha of Sulabh International suggested Bondhu Mahal should invite widows from Vrindavan to Lucknow in our Blood donation camp to be held at Rajendra Singh memorial park in B- block Indira Nagar, Lucknow and honour them - I was ecstatic. We realised it would be a nice opportunity to know about them who have been discarded by the society.

One of our members Soma Bhadra, whose husband is a senior journalist of Uttar Pradesh, especially came to meet them.” I have read about the agonies of the widows of Vrindavan who are living a secluded life in Uttar Pradesh and would hear from them”, she said.

We members decided that we should also give some gifts to these widows and readily agreed to honour them with shawl. Pure vegetarian Bengali lunch was also cooked for them so that they do not go empty stomach from our club.  Moong dal, aaloo bhaaja (fry) matar paneer, , aaloo gobhi ki sabzi and rasgulla – all this was served to them

The d-day came. The ladies welcomed them. They had good conversation with them. Many Ghosh who is 80 even gave a small speech highlighting importance of blood donation. Her eloquence left everyone flabbergasted.

After our Chief guest Union MSME minister Kalraj Mishra honoured them and Guest of Honour Bindeshwar Pathak talked about hardships, the members of Bondhu Mahal felt honoured to have them with us.

When women served food to them, these widows felt overwhelmed. One of the widows said: " You poured your love and affection in lunch. We felt at home in Lucknow. May you grow and help needy."

Yes - we need your blessings mothers.


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