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A Freak Accident

a freak accident

At the fag end of the sports meet, our Sports Secretary B.N. Dey suggested that there should be a race for elderly people (over 55 years of age) and they should run backwards. Whosever touches the rope first would win the race.

As enthusiastic we Bondhus are, some elderly people (pardon me for saying so), agreed to take part in the race. When everything settled down – Mr Dey standing at the starting point – raised his one hand in air and screamed: Ready, Steady and Go.

All jettisoned like bullet – running backwards. All of a sudden we saw Shushanto Ghosh tumbled over. He stood up with grimace of pain etched on his face. We realized something has gone wrong. Sudhakar Shah immediately held his arm. “Gaya,” he said. We still thought it was a joke and continued with our masti. But later we realized, Ghosh Da actually has fracture in his arm

This freak accident took place during our Picnic – at Kukrail –on December 25. It was third year of our inception and Ghosh Da knew the importance of this day for us, so he held on to it till evening when he went to consult doctor.

The picnic was as usual full of fun and frolic. Kids played a friendly cricket match and thrashed seniors (some of them International players). Women had a separate group where they played housie munching guava.  

Chandan Das managed the show almost single handedly. From breakfast of bread pakora in the morning to delicious spread of chicken korma, paneer-matar, aaloo ki sabzi, puri, pulao and topped it over with a sweet in lunch, and in the evening there was tea. Chandan was perfect.


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