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Bengali New Year Celebration 2018

bengali new year celebration 2018

Bondhu Mahal celebrated Bengali New Year in style by distributing stationery among 150 poor children as well as honouring three important personalities of Lucknow with Bondhu Mahal Excellence Award.

BJP’s state general secretary Vijay Bahadur Pathak also gave Bondhu Mahal Excellence Award. The winners were: Surojit Das (Hal) for administration, Rajeev Mulick (Hindustan Times) for journalism and Medhansh Saxena (Chess wizard) for sports.

Speaking on this occasion Deputy Chief Minister Dr Dinesh Sharma said that a joint family under grand parents can impart meaningful education to the children because knowledge which passes through dada-dadi and nana-nahi is immense.

“Sanskar in an integral part of education. No school and teacher can pass on that sanskar to the children. It is the family where the child gets his sanskar. The houses having grand parents pass on that sanskar to children efficiently and helps a child become educated in true sense,” Dr Sharma said.

He said recently he had gone to the US where talks among top educationists of the country centered around how to get rid of gun culture which has grown in recent past among the school going children 

The Government there commissioned a study which came out with a finding which stressed on family culture.

“The finding said that those children grow with their grandparents are more cultured and close to reality,” Dr Sharma said. “This is the true essence of the family culture of India. Here children grow with their parents and are humble in true sense,” Deputy CM said.

Bondhu Mahal also distributed stationery among poor 150 children.

“This is a commendable job which Bomdhu Mahal is doing. I am told that this organization is distributing stationery among poor students through the money it saved from Durga Puja. I appeal to other Durga Puja Committees to come up with such innovative ideas,” he said.


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