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Poila Boishakh


The Bengali New Year is on 15th April but Bondhu Mahal decided to celebrate it on April 17 – the Wednesday. The Puja park was booked. But the onerous task before us was how to arrange cultural program. We did not have money. The only kitty we had was monthly subscription of Rs 100 which we take from our members. A rough estimate was made and we knew we need at least Rs 30,000. The cultural teams were approached but everyone asked for anything between Rs 4,000 and Rs 8,000 forcing us to develop a cold feet.

The members decided come what may, we will organize it decently. "Money is no problem –if need be we will give (money) from our pocket", Shushanto Ghosh Da said.

Thus, with a resolve to organize Poila Boishakh we started making preparations. Sen Da, BM Da, Acharya Da, Chandan, Nigam Sahib and Alok Mitra Da gave their valuable suggestions while Sajal da chipped in with his magical ideas from time to time – which were hardly implemented. It was decided that a cultural programme will be organized and it would be followed by dinner.

Our cultural programme comprised puppet show, followed by dance and solo song programme and magic show. The programme went very well and was applauded by the audience - which grew with passing time.

The icing of the programme was the speech by our Chief Guest Dr Dinesh Sharma – Mayor of Lucknow. He won the heart of the people by his inspirational and thoughtful speech.

The next day I got a call from S.K. Mukherjee congratulating Bondhu Mahal for giving a cultural feast. This call made me realise that our Poila Boishakh programme was a hit.


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