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Picnic As We Turn Five

picnic as we turn five

The fifth foundation day of Bondhu Mahal was celebrated with much hulla gulla on December 25 as it was bada din and everybody was in celebratory spirit. The venue was Musabagh Picnic Spot – the idyllic cornor of the city away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I should be frank in saying that when we started planning for picnic initial response was lukewarm. A committee headed by Alok Nigam was formed and initially collection was very low. We thought that only 25-30 people will join us. We decided even if it is 10 people we will go ahead with our plans.

As the days came close the number started picking up. It was initially 50 … then 60 and our picnic organizing committee member Chandan Das said: “We should make arrangement for 70 people.”

A day before picnic the number went to 80 and when we reached Musa Bagh there were 90 plus members. What a day it was. I cannot explain this in words. You need to be there to experience it. Kids took part in sports, women played housie and musical chair and we had a cricket match between young and old.

We celebrated the day in style. The day started with pakoras and ended with a creamy cake. As it all went by there was a sense of satisfaction that we are 5 year old now.


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